Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Answer Key CD3 NI One

1. A long dress with short sleeves
2. At the coffee house
3. 21st March
4. One video and a couple of novels
5. On the radio
6. Channel 4 news
7. Horse riding


1. gym
2. Saturday
3. 215
4. lessons
5. age
6. Reysall


1. 11:15
2. A salad, a bowl of soup and a roll
3. Under her chair
4. By bus
5. A sofa
6. Going to the cinema
7. Cloudy

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Answer Key CD3 NI2

1C  2B  3A  4B  5C  6B  7A  8B  9C  10A

1C  2A  3C  4A  5C  6B  7B  8C  9A  10B
1C  2B  3A  4C  5A  6B  7B  8A  9B  10C

1B  2A  3C  4C  5B  6B  7A  8A  9C  10C

Monday, February 25, 2013

This Week's Grammar - Infinitive or Gerund?

The form of a verb (eg, to go, go or going) can  be determined by a preceding verb. Look:
verbs + "to" infinitive:
decide to go
forget to go
hope to go
would like to go
verbs + bare infinitive:
let me go
make me go
verbs + ing
enjoy going
hate going
like going
don't mind going
Click here for a fuller explanation and exercises on this point.

Click here for a verb list.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Answer Key CD3 NA2

1 map (out)  2 conserve the site  3 humid  4 coach park  5 an underground stream  6 (loose) stones  7 leg  8 tour guide

1 (our) civilization  2 gold  3 processed food  4 the food industry  5 blood pressure  6 heart attacks  7 third  8 roads

1D  2D  3B  4A  5C  6B

1F  2E  3C  4H  5A  6A  7G  8H  9C  10E
1 chains  2 98%  3 A few/several hours  4 flour  5 (rather) tasteless  6 stale  7 allergies 
8 lose money

1 complex  2 right angle  3 small and unimportant  4 in (the) rear  5 67 (long)  6 corridors
7 (a) god  8  official functions

1 A  2 C  3D  4B  5C  6A 

1C  2B  3A  4C  5A  6B  7B  8A  9B  10A

Week Starting Monday 18th February

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Classes start again, as usual, on Monday 18th February after our Carnival break. See you there!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Answer Key: CD 2 NI One

7)    Speaker 1: chillies, curry, spicy  Speaker 2: potatoes, chips, fried   Speaker 3: rice,           
        vegetables, chop sticks.

8)    Speaker 1:D  Speaker 2:C  Speaker 3:A  Speaker 4:B                                                                                                                                           
9)    a) True  b) True  c) False  d) True  e) False  f) False  g) True

10)  a)  Chris Turner  042317364  sell
        b)  Helen Foot  078322331  buy
        c)  Karen Singleton  6723909099  buy
        d)  Nicholas Dart  5472104783  sell
        e)  Jenny Page  1324659780  sell

       Message a: Excellent / Yes
       Message b:  She can’t afford it
       Message c:  How old it is / Her dad
       Message d: Mobile / He’s grown out of it / Two and a half years / Free delivery
       Message e: Yesterday/ Yesterday /£40
11)   1B, 2C,  3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 7C
12)   Speaker 1: mobile  Speaker 2: laptop  Speaker 3: video camera  Speaker 4: MP3 player
         Speaker 5: digital camera
13)   a) True  b) False  c) False  d) False  e) True  f) True  g)  False  h)  True
14)    1C, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5A, 6B, 7A
15)    a) False  b) False  c) True  d)  False  e)  True
16)    Speaker 1: C  Speaker 2: A, Speaker 3: D, Speaker 4: B
17)    1A, 2B, 3C, 4B, 5D
18)    Speaker 1: B  Speaker 2: D, Speaker 3: E,  Speaker 4: C, Speaker 5: A

Week Beginning Monday 4th February

Thursday, February 7, 2013

This Week's Quote

"Everything you read on this blog is untrue, except for some things."

This Week's Advice

My dear colleague, Liz, has posted some very useful advice on her blog to help us improve our speaking skills. See the link here.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This Week's Poetry

This week's poem is dedicated to those of us who have known the love of a four-leggèd friend, and who have suffered deeply from its loss. Thanks to Pedro (NA2) for bringing these lines to our attention.
Near this spot
are deposited the remains of one
who possessed beauty without vanity,
strength without insolence,
courage without ferosity,
and all the virtues of Man without his vices.

This praise, which would be unmeaning flattery
if inscribed over human ashes,
is but a just tribute to the memory of
Boatswain, a dog,
who was born in Newfoundland May 1803
and died at Newstead Nov. 18, 1808.

See: Epitath to a Dog