Sunday, March 24, 2013

This Week's Romance

This Week's Wedding video was sent to us by Tere (NA2). Although she doesn't know the people, she finds the message very beautiful, and it also helps her improve her listening skill.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

This Week's Idea Worth Spreading

Isabel Allende tells tales of passion.

From Idaira NA2

Thursday, March 21, 2013

This Week's Photo

In our Intermediate One B class, we've been reading about the photojournalist, Alfred Eisenstaedt. This is one of his most famous photographs. It was taken in New York's Times Square on V-J day, celebrating the end of World War II.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This Week's Music

In our NA2 class, we're looking at the theme of Art. Enjoy!

Listening Key CD3: NA2

1  the Park rules  2 is illegal  3  seeds and insects  4  uninhabited islands  5  fearless  6 feed
7 litter  8 souvenirs  9 your guide’s instructions

1A  2C  3C  4A  5C  6B  7A  8B  9A  10C

1  wake up  2  conscious  3  daylight hours  4 measured their levels  5 anticipation  6 inside their minds/brains/heads  7 can control them  8 flying

1 tennis final  2 £1265.79  3 membership fees  4 police station  5 Installation of  6 locks  7 £80
8 (new) nets  9 (set of) glasses

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This Week's Great Design

Designs of the Year: Donky Bicycle by Ben Wilson

Donky Bicycle by Ben Wilson
Donky bike designer Ben Wilson aimed to combine the load-carrying ability of traditional Dutch bikes with the strength and simplicity of a BMX. A steel beam running through the middle of the frame means it can carry heavy loads on both its front and rear platforms.

This Week's Speaking Idea

Monday, March 18, 2013

Readers for this semester: NI1, NI2 and NA2

Strict deadline = Tuesday 7th May 2013.

For NI One. When Summer Comes. CUP. ISBN: 9780521656115 with CDs.

A hot summer and a holiday by the sea: Stephen and Anna Martins are escaping their stressful lives in London, and taking a holiday in the south-west of England. They make friends with a local fisherman, but when Stephen is called back to London for work, Anna is left alone for a few days. And then something happens which changes their lives for ever.

When Summer Comes Level 4

+ + +

For NI2: Land of my Childhood: Stories from South Asia. OUP. ISBN: 978-0-19-479235-6 with CDs.

prize graphic icon WINNER: The Language Learner Literature Award 2009

'My brother preferred being with mother and me. He used to help us prepare vegetables in the kitchen or make the bread. But what he liked best was listening to my mother's stories.'

But those childhood days are long gone, and now a great distance divides sister and brother, children and mother. The stories in this volume of World Stories come from India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The writers are Romesh Gunesekera, M. Athar Tahir, Chitra Divakaruni, Anu Kumar, Anne Ranasinghe, Ruskin Bond, Anita Desai, Vijita Fernando, and Amara Bavani Dev.

+ + +

For NA2: Treading on Dreams: stories from Ireland. OUP. ISBN: 978-0-19-479196-0 + CDs.

At home we started with an innocent life. Walking home from village dances across pale wet fields, looking at birds on the moonlit lake, playing a tune across the water in the early morning with no other sound in the clear cold air.'
Innocence and experience, loss and longing, humour and sadness run hand in hand through these stories.

The stories in this volume of World Stories are by Irish writers Brian Friel, Edna O'Brien, William Trevor, Lorcan Byrne, Frank O'Connor, Claire Keegan, Eamonn Sweeney, and Somerville & Ross.

Answer Key CD3: NA2

1 researching  2 writing  3  loneliness  4 three or four   5 relationships  6 run down
7 two or three weeks  8 pyjamas  9 restaurants  10  expenses

1  ninety minutes  2 twenty minutes  3 rapid-eye movement  4 in colour  5 ten minutes  6  half an hour  7 external sounds  8 stimulation

1  the Park rules  2 is illegal  3  seeds and insects  4  uninhabited islands  5  fearless  6 feed
7 litter  8 souvenirs  9 your guide’s instructions

Answer Key CD3 NI One

1. Monday(s)
2. post office
3. 18 February
4. violin
5. photograph
6. (course) books
1. The music
2. A piano concert
3. A beach bag
4. Cloudy
5. On the dining room table
6. At the bookshop
7. 3:15
1. (sandy) beaches
2. 70
3. fan
4. teabags
5. owner
6. flight(s)

Week beginning Monday 10th March

St Patrick's Day around the World

St Patrick's Day Parade: St. Patrick's day celebrations
Egyptian pyramids glow green at sunset in honour of Saint Patrick

Saturday, March 16, 2013

What's On This Weekend

Los locales de ocio de Guanarteme pondrán en marcha este sábado una serie de actividades lúdicas para celebrar el Día de San Patricio (St. Patrick's Day), el patrón de Irlanda, a la que asistirán irlandeses que residen en la Isla.
La celebración del Día de San Patricio, en la que profesores nativos y alumnos practicarán el inglés con todas a aquellas personas que se unan a la celebración a partir de las 13.00 horas, forma parte de las actividades que han lanzado los comerciantes del barrio para reactivar el lugar. Habrá gaiteros, una exhibición de deportes autóctonos irlandeses y los actos concluirán con un concierto de la Ruta Playa Viva.
La actividad estrella del plan de dinamización es la Ruta Gastronómica Caña y Pico, que arrancó el pasado viernes y tiene como objetivo reactivar la actividad de comercios y bares, a través de la oferta de pinchos y cañas a precios especiales, encuentros de surf y festivales de parrandas. La experiencia ha sido impulsada por la Asociación Guanarteme Ocio y Restauración El Pilar y por ahora se han sumado un total de 15 establecimientos.
La ruta se celebrará todos los viernes y se singulariza porque buena parte de la misma se desarrolla por la tarde, ya que comienza a las 15.00 horas y se prolonga hasta las diez de la noche. Los que acudan a los bares del entorno de la plaza del Pilar podrán tomarse una caña y un pincho por dos euros.


Submitted by Dani NA2

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Answer Key CD3 NI2


1A  2B  3C  4C  5A  6B  7B  8C  9A  10B


1B  2C  3A  4B  5B  6A  7C  8C  9A  10B


1C  2B  3B  4C  5A  6A  7B  8C  9A  10A


1B  2A  3C  4A  5B  6B  7C  8A   9C  10A

Monday, March 11, 2013

Answer Key CD3 NA2

1  at the top  2 more famous  3 five million  4  painted it  5 good fun  6  appreciate the painting
7  crowds of people  8 ten seconds  9 impossible to see  10 unresolved mysteries  11 meaningful image
1A  2C  3A  4B  5C  6C  7A  8C  9B  10C

1G  2D  3A  4F  5C  6B  7H  8C  9F  10E
1  problem-solving  2 fantasy  3 negative consequences/complaints  4 dishonest  5 interrupted
6  dreams  7 time limits  8 thirty days

Answer Key CD3: Intermediate One

1. The dining room
2. 9:15
3. forest
4. village
5. boat
6. (sun) hat
1. A lamp for his desk
2. No glasses and blond hair
3. In a house
4. Computer World
5. An opera evening
6. 8:15
7. Making himself some supper

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This Week's Speaking Idea

This is a reminder that this Sunday, March 10th, there is another Exchange brunch to come and enjoy with tha Asociación La Concepción de Gran Canaria, next to the Botanic Garden (Jardín Canario).
We have some news:
You can now pay on arrival, but we recommend you make a phone call beforehand. Ask Diane for the number.
Next it's a special Sunday and we have got a surprise dessert!
See you!
Les recordamos que el próximo domingo 10 de marzo pueden participar en el Brunch de intercambio de idiomas que celebramos en la Asociación La Concepción de Gran Canaria, junto al Jardín Canario.
Tenemos algunas novedades:
Pueden pagar al llegar, pero les recomendamos llamar antes por teléfono. (Pide el número a Diane.)
El próximo es un domingo especial así que tendremos un postre sorpresa!
Les esperamos!
For more information click here. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Answer Key CD3 NI2

1C  2A  3C  4B  5B  6C  7B  8B  9A  10C

1B  2B  3C  4C  5C  6A  7B  8C  9A  10C

1C  2A  3B  4B  5C  6B  7C  8A  9A  10C

1A  2B  3C  4C  5A  6B  7A  8C  9B  10C

Monday, March 4, 2013

Amazing News

The Consejería de Educación has announced that there will be no classes on Monday 4th March because of the stormy weather. I'll send everyone an email soon with some suggested activities to do to compensate for our missed class.
Classes will be resumed on Tuesday unless we hear otherwise.

Answer Key Listening CD3 Ex 9 - 12 NA2

1 (long-distance) running  2 long jump  3 nephew  4 build  5 shooting  6  proper diet 
7 equipment  8 attitude

1  a (poor) tailor  2 original  3 18th century  4 social mobility  5 the details  6 Arabic cultures
7  exotic  8  budget

1D  2D  3A  4C  5B  6C
1F  2D  3G  4A  5C  6C  7H  8D  9F  10B

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Come and join us on

Wednesday 13th March

at 7.00 pm

in the School Library

for a concert

to celebrate

Saint Patrick’s Day

with the fantastic


Everyone is very welcome.

Wear something green!

Week Beginning Monday 25th February