Monday, December 16, 2013

New English File Upper-intermediate Unit 3 File Test

1   1   was stolen

2   is being built

3   had been robbed

4   be fined

5   being caught

6   is believed

7   was being repaired

8   is said

2   1   I’ll be sitting

2   we’ll have finished

3   I’ll be going

4   likely

5   ’ll have built

6   probably

3   1   in case

2   ’s raining

3   don’t need

4   ’ll tell

5   ’m not going

6   haven’t had

4   1   jury

2   evidence

3   Smuggling

4   Watch

5   questioned

6   manslaughter

7   arrested

8   hijackers

9   burglar

5   1   warm

2   breeze

3   below zero

4   fog

5   clear

6   1   risks

2   part

3   up

4   care

5   easy

6   notice


7   1   mugger, thunder

2   court, fraud

3   humid

8   1   kidnap

2   sunburnt

3   commit

4   investigate

5   monsoon


Reading   1 A     2A     3B     4B     5A     6B     7C     8A     9C     10A


This Week's Geography

Sunset behind Westminster Palace, London

Fancy doing some armchair travelling? Check this site to learn a bit more about the United Kingdom.

Week Beginning Monday 9th December

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Looking forward to seeing everyone today, Thursday 12th December.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

EOI Santa Brígida wants to help the Human Rights’ Committee of IES de Santa Brígida in their campaign for the collection of food to help families in need in our area. Would you like to help, too? Please bring non-perishable food like:


Tinned food





Powdered milk



Fruit juice

You can leave it in the EOI library on or before Tuesday 17th December.

Let’s take a united stand against poverty.

Important News for NI2A and NA1

The Consejería de Educación has cancelled all classes in Gran Canaria tomorrow, Wednesday 11th December because of the extreme weather conditions. However, I would like you to take advantage of the situation and do the following compositions:

NI2A: See Unit 6 of your coursebook and do P 76 "Writing: a description of a place for visitors." Word length = 110 - 130 words. Follow the instructions.

NA1: See Unit 3 of your Student's Book and do Page 49 "Writing: an opinion essay." Write between 120 - 180 words. Again, follow the instructions.

Please do your work carefully and with pride. Give it to me on Monday.

Week Beginning Monday 2nd December

Thursday, December 5, 2013

This Week's Space

Stunning views of the planet we live on as seen from the International Space Station.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This Week's Composition


Once upon a time, in a distant land, there lived a woman. It was a sunny afternoon and the woman had been shopping all morning. At some point she had remembered it, and then decided not to think about it, not to talk about it anymore. In the future, people might understand it but now it could be a risky.

She needed to forget it. However, it came back to her mind again and again. She went out and walked for hours trying to forget it.  “I was not guilty of it; it was not my fault,” she thought. “Why did I do it?” she asked herself.

Many years afterwards, she is still under the effects of it, but now she has become accustomed to having it in her mind.

Nobody knows her secret about it. However, she does not know how long she will be able to keep it.

Juan NI2A



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