Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This Week's Grammar: "The" - a small but complicated word.

This new symbol for "the" probably won't become a new trend.

If you'd like to explore the use and omission of articles, (a, an, the) in English, go to this link.

Online resources for NA1

For more practice in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, click here.

Monday, January 27, 2014

NI2 Answer Key CD3





1C  2B  3A  4B  5C  6B  7A  8B  9C  10A


1C  2A  3C  4A  5C  6B  7B  8C  9A  10B


1C  2B  3A  4C  5A  6B  7B  8A  9B  10C


1B  2A  3C  4C  5B  6B  7A  8A  9C  10C


1C  2A  3C  4B  5B  6C  7B  8B  9A  10C


1B  2B  3C  4C  5C  6A  7B  8C  9A  10C


1C  2A  3B  4B  5C  6B  7C  8A  9A  10C


1A  2B  3C  4C  5A  6B  7A  8C  9B  10C


1A  2B  3C  4C  5A  6B  7B  8C  9A  10B


1B  2C  3A  4B  5B  6A  7C  8C  9A  10B


1C  2B  3B  4C  5A  6A  7B  8C  9A  10A


1B  2A  3C  4A  5B  6B  7C  8A   9C  10A

NA1 Listening CD3 Answer Key




1C   2  B   3  C   4  A   5  C   6  B   7  A   8  C


1 (she was) 12   2 (a new) paperback/book   3 (an) engineer   4 (a/an (art)) teacher  

5 tell/read her a story   6  read her own stories   7 poetry/poems  8  a (new) computer

9 an editor 10 the advice


1  E   2  C   3  D   4  F   5  A


1  M   2  A   3  P   4  A   5  M   6  P   7  A


1  B   2  B   3  B   4  A   5  B   6  C   7  A   8  C


1  the hotel porter   2  the hotel reception desk   3  the hotel doctor

4  24 hours in advance/before   5  warm clothing  6  (a number of) local restaurants  

7  until late at night  8  credit cards   10 fine(s)  11  a special licence (plate)


1  C   2  E   3  F   4  D   5  A


1  C   2  C  3  B   4  B   5  A   6  B   7  C


1 B  2  C   3  A   4  B   5  C   6  C   7  C   8  B


1 two/a couple of weeks   2 all over the world   3 cold/chilly/only 7 degrees   4 train 

5/6 large/grey/very busy  (either order)   7 learning Russian  8  English (conversation) lessons  9 recipes 10 English suppers


1  C   2  E   3  D   4  A   5  F


1  G   2  T   3  H   4  H   5  G   6  T   7  H


1 Australia    2 business/work   3 train   4 bus/coach   5 45 minutes   6  20 minutes

7 self-service place/restaurant and snack bar  8  chocolate and shoe shops


1  D   2  F   3  B   4  C   5  E


1  T   2  T   3  F   4  F   5  T   6  F   7  T

Sunday, January 26, 2014

(Almost) Everything an EOI Student should know about Grammar

The Noun

Singular and Plural; Exercises
Possessives;  Exercises
Countable and Uncountable Nouns; Exercises

The Adjective

What is an adjective?
Position of adjective; Exercises
Order of adjectives;
Possessive adjectives; Exercises
Comparatives and SuperlativesExercises
interested v. interesting; Exercises
Adjectives and their prepositions; Exercises


a/an; Exercises
the; when we don't use "the"; Exercises; More exercises
ordinal numbers and cardinal numbers
Quantifiers: much / many / little / few;  Exercises
Demonstratives: this, that, these, thoseExercises
Quantifiers: too much / too many; too little / too fewExercises
Too / enough; Exercises


Personal pronouns; Exercise on Personal Pronouns (Subject Form); Personal Pronouns (Object Form); Possesive Pronouns; Reflexive Pronouns; Reflexive and Reciprocal Pronouns.
Interrogative Pronouns; Exercises
all, both; niether, none;  Exercises
each, every; Exercises

The Verb

State (stative) verbs v. action (dynamic) verbs; Exercises
Question forms
Subject and Object Questions; Exercises
Be;  Have; Exercises
the -ing form after certain verbs
the-ing form after all prepositions Exercise
The Present Simple;
The Present Continuous;
Present Simple or Present Continuous? Test
The Present Perfect;
Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous?
Prsent Perfect or Past Simple?
The Past Simple;
The Past Continuous;
The Past Perfect;
Past Simple or Past Continuous?
Past Simple or Past Perfect?
Expressing the Future
will / be going to;
present continuous / going to;
there is / there are; there was / there were;
can / can't; should; have to; must; may; might; need
used to; Exercises
used to v. would
passive voice
zero conditional; Exercises
first conditional
modal verbs of deduction: present
modals of obligation and permission - present
modals of past obligation

Past, present and future

Talking about the present
Talking about the past
Talking about the future

The Adverb

Where they go in a sentence
Adverbs of manner
Adverbials of place
Advebials of location
Adverbials of direction
Adverbials of distance
Adverbials of time
Adverbials of probability
Comparative adverbs
Superlative adverbs


Prepositions of time
Prepositions of place
Prepositions of direction and movement
Prepositions of duration: for, since, during


How to link ideas within a setence and between sentences.


So and Such; Exercises
For and Since with the Present Perfect
Stop doing v. stop to do
For and During
At last, Finally, and In the end . . .
Infinitive of Purpose (to go, to live, to study . . . )