Saturday, October 23, 2010

This Week's Grammar

We've been looking at the Present Perfect. We saw how we use this aspect of the verb in English to look back on past experiences without saying exactly when they occurred. We considered different monuments or geographical features which still exist today and thought about their life.


Maspalomas Lighthouse
You have seen golden dunes
and then hotels

You have seen fishermen
and then tourists

You have lived quiet nights
and then noise and madness

You have seen a paradise
and then a desert

Church of Saint John, Arucas
You have seen doves of peace
You have seen lovers inside
You have seen a cross
You have seen new projects and old ideas
You have seen one hundred years of our history
You have seen workers of blue stone
You have announced death when your bell tolls

Las Canteras beach, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

 You have seen the dreams of children
You have seen the walk of the elderly
You have seen the sea on the sand
You have heard the sea against the water's edge
You have known the son, the father and the grandfather
You have known hatred and love

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