Monday, January 17, 2011

This Week's News

Proposed timetable for Advanced One Exams. January 2011.

Do you study intensively before an exam? Do you know your strengths and weaknesses in English? Don't forget these tests are to help you in your learning process.

Monday 24th January at 18:00 and Tuesday 25th at 16:00:   
Written expression and interaction.  105 mins.
Task One: reply to an email. 150 words. See SB Page 17 to revise format.                                                         
Task Two: opinion essay. 250 words. See SB Page 49 for model.

Wednesday 26th January at 18:00 and Thursday 27th at 16:00:         
Reading comprehension.  90 minutes.
Task One: True / False / Doesn’t say.
Task Two: inserting a paragraph.
Task Three: inserting a word in a text.

Wednesday 26th January at 19:40 and Thursday 27th at 17:40:                                     
Oral exam for 2 candidates.
Task One:  monologue - 4 minutes.
Task Two: interaction - 6 minutes.

Friday 28th January at 18:00 and Tuesday 1st Feb at 16:00:                
Listening comprehension.  45 minutes.
Task One: matching activity.
Task Two: gap fill.
Task Three: choose correct option.

Friday 28th January at 19:00 and Tuesday 1st Feb at 17:00:                              
Oral exam for 6 candidates.
Task One:  monologue - 4 minutes.
Task Two: interaction - 6 minutes.

Monday 31st Jan at 18:00 and Thursday 3rd Feb at 16:00                   
Remaining oral exams.

Themes include: the future, personality, psychic power, health, stress, national stereotypes, clothes and fashion, air travel, travel in general, crime and punishment, weather, taking risks and the environment.

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