Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Exam Timetable

Writing Exam:  Monday 16th May at 6.00 pm; Tuesday 17th May at 4.00 pm. 105 minutes.

Reading Exam: Wednesday 18th May at 6.00 pm; Thursday 19th May at 4.00 pm. 95 minutes.

Listening Exam: Monday 23rd May at 6.00 pm; Tuesday 24th at 4.00 pm. 45 minutes.

Oral Exam: see timetable on class noticeboard. 25 minutes.

For the writing paper, make sure you can do the following:

write a formal / informal email or letter; write a report; write an article; discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a topic; describe a book you've read; describe your islands; complain politely.

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