Monday, April 30, 2012

This Week's Advice

Here's some advice about the Speaking Test.

J     Make sure you are familiar with what happens, and what skills you need to show, in each part of the test.
J     Practise speaking English as much as possible in groups and in pairs, both inside and outside the classroom.
J     Read the instructions carefully. What is the purpose of your talk? Who are you (supposedly) talking to? How can you make your audience feel “included”?
J     Speak clearly.
J     Use all the opportunities you're given in the test to speak, and extend your responses whenever possible.
J     Ask for clarification of instructions or a question if you're not sure.
J      In Part 2, be prepared to initiate discussion as well as responding to what your partner says.
J     Make full use of the time so that the examiner who is listening hears a lot of your English.

L     Don't prepare long answers in advance, or learn and practise speeches.
L     Don't try to dominate your partner or interrupt them abruptly during the speaking test.
L     Don't leave long or frequent pauses.

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