Friday, June 29, 2012

Some Summer Activities

An EOI student from Santa Brígida enjoying an exciting Agatha Christie novel
on Jandía beach. (Or is it Diane?)

It's essential that you keep up-to-date with your English studies during the summer months. If you don't, you will find the next academic year very, very challenging. Here are some ideas to help you.

Speaking activities.

Meet up with a classmate or a friend who speaks English and go to this website. Here, you will find hundreds of interesting topics to explore. Choose a topic, left click, and interview your partner by using some of the questions. Remember to expand your questions, listen carefully to what your partner says and ask for more information based on what you hear.

Listening activities.

There are hundreds of sites on the internet to explore listening. Here are some of them:

Grammar Activities.

It was amazing (and embarrassing) to see how many BASIC errors were made in the May exams. My recommendation is for those students who have just completed NB2 to start with Elementary and those who have just completed NA1 to begin with Pre-intermediate or Intermediate.


Practical English.


This link is really for more advanced students. However, if you are going into NI 1 in September, why don't you go to Canary Books or Idiomática and choose a reader to read and listen to while at the beach?

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