Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ths Week's Composition

The Little Sound in the Rubbish Bin

This story isn’t a famous story and it isn’t about a famous character. It’s about an event that happened to me.
It was a cold day in San Mateo where I live. I was walking with my two-year-old daughter, María. As we were passing behind a big rubbish bin, we heard a little noise. We were surprised because it sounded like a little cat that was crying. I tried to listen to the sound again, and then I decided to jump into the rubbish and look around.
Suddenly, the noise stopped and I continued taking the rubbish out and then, when I was very dirty and smelt very bad, I found the most beautiful little dog that I have ever seen. She was a female dog and I think that she had been born on that very day because she had a little bit of blood on her body and her eyes were still closed.
When I showed the little dog to my daughter, she was very happy and we decided this was the first day of the dog’s life.
Now, she lives in a big country house and her name is Mila, from Milagro.

Mª Isabel NI One

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