Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This Week's Art

Salvador Dali paintings
At a glance they seem like familiar 19th-century botanical lithographs, the type you see on endless hotel room walls. But look closer and the plum appears to be running away, the raspberries look embarrassed and the grapefruit … well, it's enough to make the viewer blush.
The 14 original watercolour fruit studies are in fact by the surrealist artist Salvador Dali and are remarkable because they have remained more or less hidden since 1969, the year of their creation.
"They are wonderful, wonderful things," said William O'Reilly, director of impressionist and modern art at Bonhams, the auction house that announced their sale on Wednesday. "One reason being they are so fresh and are absolutely unseen." They were commissioned in 1969 by the publisher Jean-Paul Schneider and then became a series of lithographs. The publisher kept the originals until they were sold in 2000 to an unnamed European collector who is now selling them.

Source: The Guardian newspaper


  1. Very interesting and very beatiful, but I think that Salvador Dalí has been very overrated. My brother is writing a book about Nestor De La Torre influence over Dalí works, that I hope read soon.

  2. This is a fun piece of art, but in the case of Dali have to take certain precautions, someone made ​​him sign blank papers, and then used those blank papers to reproduce works without the consent of the artist, sure this is not the case , it is still better to check his authorship at all time