Monday, November 29, 2010

This Week's Homework

Tuesday / Thursday class: make sure you have completed Lesson 3A in our Student's Book and do Page 40 as well. This includes Vocabulary Bank P 149 and Grammar Bank 3A P 136. Prepare the text on Page 49, "Community service is the best punishment . . . " and Grammar Bank 3B P 136 - 137. Ask me for the handout on writing an opinion essay and for the next FCE Reading Assignment. (This assignment is to be handed in on or before 14th December.) Needless to say, you should be constantly working on the activities in your Workbook; you should be on Lesson 3b now.

As you know, our next writing assignment is taken from Student's Page Page 49 Activity c. Deadline is 10th December. Please do it well. Have another look at SB P 43 for some ideas.

Monday / Wednesday class:  make sure you have completed everything up to Page 39 in your Student's Book. Your writing assignment is on Page 49, activity c. Plan carefully. Deadline is 10th December. Have a look at P 34 for some ideas. Do FCE Reading assignment for 13th / 15th December. Prepare Grammar Bank 3B Pages 136 - 137.

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