Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This Week's Photos

One of the many fun activities we are organising at EOI Arucas as part of our Cultural Events Programme is a competition to identify a series of photos taken in Arucas. All you have to do is, on a piece of paper, write down the name of the street or square where the building or statue is, tell us a little about the street name, building or statue, and give your answers to Antonio in the School Library before 23rd November. Your short texts should be written in either French, German or English.

Photo One
Photo Two

Photo Three

Photo Four
Phot Five
Photo Six

Photo Seven

Photo Eight

Photo Nine

Photo Ten

Photo Eleven

Photo Twelve

Photo Thirteen

Photo Fourteen

Photo Fifteen

Photo Sixteen
Here's a clue for you: I pass these images on my way to the Escuela. I arrive at the bus station in Arucas, and then I walk to class. I don't always take the same route, nor is it the most direct route. Get sleuthing!


  1. guau Teacher!
    the photos are spectacular!
    I am from Arucas and I can only recognise a few places... This is going to be difficult but no impossible... I am going to try...

  2. It's not impossible at all, Carla. Start your journey from the bus station - take a good look around - and make your way towards the EOI. Good luck!

  3. Be curious, raise your head, look around. Enjoy the beautiful city where you study languages, rich in architecture and details and discover the Heritage of our ancestors.