Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This Month's Competition


Advanced Level.

When we meet people from other countries, or when we travel abroad, we are often asked about where we live. Can you describe your island eloquently?

Take half an hour to have a look at the wonderful photographic exhibition about Gran Canaria in our School. It was prepared by Javier Gil Léon, an English student of NB2. Then, do three of the activities below and give them to your teacher before March 16th. Perhaps you will win a fantastic prize!

1.    Choose the photograph you like best. Make a note of the title and the number of the panel where it appears. Give the photo a new title. Imagine that you are going to send it to a friend who lives in another country. Use your imagination to write a text of between 90 and 120 words to accompany this photo and which covers these points:
·     reasons for sending this photo in particular;
·     in what way it represents / does not represent the island of Gran Canaria;
·     why you like it.

2.    You are a journalist and you work for Island News, an English language newspaper for people who live in the Canary Islands. You have been asked to write a review of between 120 and 180 words regarding the exhibition. Use a formal style. Here is the suggested format:
·         an introduction in which you give background information;
·         a main body consisting of two paragraphs in which the main features of the exhibition are mentioned;
·         a conclusion in which you recommend or do not recommend the exhibition giving reasons.

3.    The Tree Speaks is the title of a poem by the Irish poet, Cathal O’Searcaigh. In it, a tree that is about to be felled talks about its life experiences. Choose a tree from the exhibition. You are that tree. Tell us about what you have witnessed on these islands.

4.    You have been asked to write an article for an adventure magazine about how to be safe if you go walking in the Canarian countryside. Think of a good title, and one or two introductory sentences. Write down a few tips, for example, what to take with you, when the best time of year is to go walking, where to go and what to avoid. Then divide the tips into two or three groups and put them into a logical order. Write between 120 and 180 words. Use a neutral or informal style.

5.   Prepare a 15 minute monologue for your classmates and your teacher telling us about one of your hiking experiences in Gran Canaria. Speak about the route you followed, why you liked it and if you encountered any difficulties. Use a PowerPoint to illustrate your talk, too!

6.  Work with a partner. Person A: you work for Let's Go Canarias! an English-speaking television programme which informs people who speak this language about Canarian matters. You have been asked to carry out an interview with the photographer of this exhibition. Person B: you are the photographer. The interview should last about 6 minutes. Record it and send it to your teacher.

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