Monday, March 5, 2012

This Week's Oral Assignment for NB2

One of my favourite paintings is by Renoir

Work in Pairs. There are two parts to this assignment.

Part One: Talking about a favourite painting or photo.

Person A: You are going to interview your partner about one of his / her favourite paintings or photos for the school magazine.

If you interview him / her about the painting, find out:
  • name of the painting
  • who / paint it
  • what / know about the artist
  • what / be able to see in the painting
  • where / see it
  • why / like it
  • other famous paintings by the same artist
  • if your partner paints

If you interview him / her about the photo, find out:
  • who /take the photo
  • where / take it
  • when /take it
  • what / happen when the photo was taken
  • more information about the photo
  • where / keep it
  • why / like it

Person B: Answer your partner's questions.

Some advice: Be very careful with verb tenses when asking the questions. Have a clear introduction and conclusion to your interview.

Part Two: A Telephone Call.

Person A: Answer the phone.
Person B: Identify yourself and make a suggestion.
Person A: Reply.
Person B: Give a piece of advice. Make another suggestion.
Person A: Reply. Make a suggestion.
Person B: Agree. Conclude the conversation.

Please send me your recorded conversations by Monday 19th / Tuesday 20th March. If you  have a microphone for your computer, you might find vocaroo, an online recroding programme, useful.

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