Thursday, March 1, 2012

This Week's Writing Assignment for NB2

Our next writing assignment is taken from Workbook P73 (or P67 if you've got a different edition) Exercise 7B. (Reading and Writing Portfolio 2: An email with news.) We will do some preparation in class beforehand. Write about 150 words.

Please note the following:
  • Deadline is Monday 12th or Tuesday 13th March.
  • Use the format for an email.
  • Use an informal style with contracted forms of the verbs.
  • Use a variety of connecting words: and, also, What's more; but, however, though . . .
  • Use a variety of verb aspects correctly: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, past simple, past continuous . . .
  • Use modal verbs correctly: will, can, should, must . . .
  • Look at Sections 24 and 25 of our Language Functions handout to get some ideas about starting and ending a letter or email.
  • Check your work carefully for grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Be proud of your work; do it well.

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