Thursday, November 8, 2012

This Week's Listening

Do you have good listening skills?

For many students, LISTENING is the most difficult skill to acquire. No-one can teach you how to listen, so endeavour on your part is essential; nevertheless, if you persevere, you will start to enjoy listening because you will understand what is being said. Here is some advice:

1.    Most importantly, don't start off with a negative attitude; try saying, "I can do this and I will do this!"

2.    Listen to songs as much as possible because the lyrics are repeated and will eventually become easier. It's also very enjoyable!

3.    Download radio programmes and other audio material from the Internet and listen again and again until you can recognise most of the words and understand the meaning of what they are saying.

4.    Borrow, read and listen to audio books from our library.

5.    Borrow and watch a video from our library and read the subtitles.

6.    Check out this link. There are 100s of conversations with people from different parts of the world talking about different things. You can choose to listen to or hide the transcript.

7.    Check out other listening tips on this blog. See the tag, "listening" on the left.





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