Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This Week's Homework

NB2 Monday and Wednesday: learn vocabulary; complete question forms on "Enrolling at a Language School." Make sure you have done Page 11 Ex 5a, b, c, d, e and Ex 6a and b. Do Unit 1C in your workbook. Do the activities which correspond to unit 1C on the CDRom.

NB2 Tuesday and Thursday: learn any new vocabulary; prepare Student's book Page 11 Ex 5 and 6 (everything.); do Workbook 1C; do CD Rom 1C; prepare P12 Ex 1a and 1b; Ex 3a, b and c. You have a written assignment to prepare for Friday 14th October. See me for details.

NA1: page 9, Student's Book (SB) "Mini Grammar"; complete Vocabulary on Page 146; revise Grammar Pages 132 - 133 Section 1A; do Grammar Section 1B. If you did not come to class on Wed, make sure you do P9 Ex 2c, P10 Ex 6c and Page 11 Ex 7a and c. Our homework is the supplementary grammar exercise on auxiliary verbs in your handout. Test One in our listening pack should be completed for Monday 10th.

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