Thursday, October 13, 2011

This Week's Homework

NA1: make sure you have completed the first Listening Test to give to me; learn vocabulary on P147 (Student's Book); do P14 Ex 5a, b and especially c; do reading P 15; do "auxiliary verbs" on Page 4 of your handout. If you did not come to class on Monday, have a look at P 12 as well. It is assumed that you are up-to-date in your Workbook.

NB2 (Monday & Wednesday): I'm expecting a perfectly written formal e-mail from you on or before Friday 14th; prepare Student's Book (SB) Page 12 - except Ex 2. It would be a good idea to have a look at P 13, too. Continue working in your Workbook and CD Rom.

NB2 (Tuesday & Thursday): make sure you have completed Pages 12 - 13 in your SB (Student's Book); your workbook and CD Rom activities should be up-to-date; prepare SB Page 14 Ex 1 and 2 for Tuesday 18th; do Pages 1 - 4 of the grammar revision handout I gave you on Friday.

Important note: there will be no class on Friday 4th November because I shall be attending a congress in Las Palmas. This affects NB2 Tuesday & Thursday only.

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