Friday, October 28, 2011

This Week's Report

“A visit to our School by a volunteer from Médicos Sin Fronteras / Doctors Without Borders.”

On Monday 17th October, students and staff of EOI Santa Brígida attended a talk about Médicos Sin Fronteras / Doctors Without Borders, an international humanitarian organisation. The speaker was the doctor, Evelyn Fernández Bowyer, a volunteer who works for the regional office in Barcelona.

Médicos Sin Fronteras / Doctors without Borders was created in 1971 in France to help people who have problems in conflicts, such as wars, drought problems or epidemics. The organisation has neither political ideology or religion. The money that they receive is from donations and contributions from the general public and from its members.

The organisation’s main objective is one of humanitarian aid to people in underdeveloped countries which suffer from natural disasters or who are victims of armed conflicts.

Médicos Sin Fronteras / Doctors without Borders Today
They operate especially in Latin America, Africa and Asia. They help people with medicines, alleviate that suffering, and give witness to possible violation of human rights.

Work in the Horn of Africa
In the Horn of Africa, people are experiencing severe famine, and thousands of people die every day, not only because of this natural disaster but also due to the armed conflict which concerns Somalia. This situation causes many people to seek refuge in the neighbouring countries of Kenya and Ethiopia.

Risk to Volunteers
Volunteers do not have any special protection. They try to stay neutral wherever they go, avoiding taking sides. This is their best protection.

International Recognition
The organisation has received prestigious prizes but the most important prize is the acknowledgement of people and they affection and respect of the population wherever they go.

Last but not least, we will say that the work done by volunteers of Médicos Sin Fronteras / Doctors without Borders is priceless. They place their knowledge and their time at the service of the neediest, and they are often at risk of losing their own life . . . Considering this, any donation that can be made will always be insufficient.
 Prudencio García García and Lorenzo Negrín Rodríguez. NA1

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