Friday, December 16, 2011

This Week's Essay

Earth seen from Apollo 17

The Gaia theory was formulated by James Lovelock in the 1970s. This theory says that the Earth is like a big organism that regulates the natural environment to keep the necessary conditions for life. 

I believe that the Earth is telling us that we have chosen a wrong way to live on the blue planet and we must change immediately. Floods, hurricanes, heat waves, droughts, earthquakes and tsunamis are some of the signals that show me that something wrong is going to happen.

I believe that we still can do something. For example, two years ago I participated in a project to save energy in buildings. I chose the bathroom to study how to save water. Every time we use the lavatory we consume ten liters of water. In a family with four members this is 58,400 liters for a year. Connecting the waste pipe from the washbasin to the cistern of the lavatory we can save all that water. It is easy, and Roca has manufactured a washbasin and water that they have called W+W.  The problem is that, at the moment, it costs 3,000 euros.

In conclusion, I believe that everyone can contribute to changing the world, but we are too lazy.

NA1 Pedro

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