Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This Week's Oral Assignment

NA1: You are invited to record yourselves speaking about ONE of the themes below and then send your work to me for assessment. Your monologue should be about 3 - 4 minutes in length. I shall be listening out for the following characteristics:
  • clear organisation and structure, and an appropriate variety of discourse markers;
  • vocabulary that is varied, concise and appropriate to the task;
  • pronunciation that is correct and intonation that is appropriate;
  • a fluent discourse with appropriate pauses;
  • a variety of grammatical structures appropriate to the advanced level;
  • an awareness of "audience".

Your writing task from Unit 3 is expressing your opinion about climate change. Now let's literally hear your opinion on one of these topics:

  • Men are from Mars, women are from Venus
  • It's better to travel than to arrive
  • Education is becoming less important
  • Any form of stereotyping is destructive
  • Rich countries should help poor countries
  • Television has made us a nation of watchers, not doers
  • Music is the poetry of the air
  • Children are our most valuable resource

New deadline for this assignment is Friday 13th January on the understanding that I cannot guarantee feedback before the January "prueba de dominio" exams. Importantly, do NOT WRITE OUT your work in order to read it as if it were a text from a book. This is supposed to be a spontaneous activity as well as constructive preparation for the oral exams. So take five minutes to prepare your ideas in note form and then start recording. A clear introduction and conclusion are essential. Do it quickly but efficiently.

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