Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This Week's Important News for NB2

The reading books for this academic year have arrived. They cost 6 euros each. We will start with The New Zealand File. You can buy it from Ana from Monday onwards. Please bring the exact money. You have to read and listen to the story and complete the activities for 16th / 17th January.

We also have to start thinking about our next oral assignment. This time, you will work in pairs. You have to do two assignments.

Assignment One:

Person A: interview Person B about his / her special job as a tour manager for a famous person. Importantly, you must introduce your work, for example, "Hello, Carmen! I want to ask you about your job." You should have a conclusion, too: "Well, that was very interesting. Thank you for your time."

Assignment Two:

Person B: phone Person A to explain why you cannot keep your date with him / her. Apologise to him / her, give your reasons and promise to do something else on another occasion.

Both tasks should last a total of 5 minutes, that is, about 2 minutes 30 seconds each.

Important advice: don't read your work; it should sound as spontaneous as possible!

Deadline = 13th January.

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