Sunday, January 15, 2012

Revised Exam Timetable

A young boffin looks forward to his exams
Monday 30th January: Writing. 105 minutes.
Wednesday 1st February: Reading. 90 minutes.
Monday 6th January: Listening. 45 minutes. Oral. 20 minutes.
Wednesday 8th and Monday 13th February: Oral. 20 minutes.
Wednesay 15th February: class as usual.

Monday 30th January: Writing. Reading. Listening.
Wednesday 1st February: Orals.
Monday 6th: Orals.
Wednesday 8th onwards: class as usual.

Friday 27th January: Writing. Reading. Listening.
Tuesday 31st January: Orals.
Thursday 2nd February: Orals.
Tuesday 7th February onwards: class as usual.

These exams are to help you progress in your English studies.
The timetable may change at the last moment so consult your blog regularly.
The oral exam consists of two tasks: a monologue and a dialogue.
The written exam also consists of two tasks.
The reading and listening exams consist of three tasks.
I'll publish some guidelines for you on our blog soon.

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