Monday, January 30, 2012

This Week's News for NB2A

Provisional Timetable

Wednesday 1st Feb
16:45   Leti, Adela and Mónica
17:15   Elba, Marta and Yurena S.
17:45   Alberto and Daniel  
18:00   Lucy and Pepe

Monday 6th Feb
16:45   Nisa and Guillermo
17:00   Naira and Yurena G.
17:15   Mar and Paz
17:30   Carla and Saro
17:45   Trini and Juan
18:00   Manolo and Sari
18:15   Laura and Jose

Please note that this timetable is provisional. The exam will consist of two parts. Part One is a monologue of 2 minutes. I will give you the topic that you must talk about.  Part Two is an interaction with your partner which lasts for about 4 minutes. Again, I will assign you the topic.
The topics are the ones we have seen in Units 1 - 4 of our textbook.

You will have 10 minutes to do individual preparation beforehand. For this reason, it's important to arrive early!
I have to record the oral tests.

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