Friday, January 27, 2012

This Week's More News for NB2C

Revised Oral Timetable for NB2C.

Tuesday 31st January
19:00:  Jose and Mónica
19:15:  Manuel and Cristina
19:30: Jose Luis, Montse and Silvia
19:50: Güise and Iris
20:05: Mar and Nati

Thursday 2nd February
18:45: Mario and Inmaculada
19:00: Isabel and Lucía
19:15: Ángela and Gerardo
19:30: Erica and Carmen
19:45: Natalia and Antonio
20:00: Guillermo and Leticia
20:15: Rosi and Ana

Tuesday 7th February
18:40: Class as usual

 Pleae note that this timetable may change. It's also very, very important to arrive early!

I have to record the oral exam.

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