Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This Week's Homework

NB2A: Workbook and CD Rom Lesson 4D; irregular verbs; revise worksheet on present perfect; Workbook Page 77 (71) letter to a friend about a film you've seen recently for Friday 20th. Revise vocabulary and grammar of Units 4 and 1 for next Monday; revise vocabulary and grammar of Units 2 and 3 for next Wednesday.

NB2C: Worksheet, "Are you a telly addict?"Section 4b and c. Workbook Page 77. Lesson 4D in your workbook and on the CD Rom; Ex 1 - 5 of the new Listening exercises. (CD 3).

NA1: Make sure you have done Grammar Bank P138 - 139 Ex 4B and 4C; read SB Page 57 and do the exercises; do "past modals" (4B) on our supplementary handout on Unit 4; Think about your St Valentine's Poem for next Monday; SB P65 section c is for Friday 10th February.

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