Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This Week's Grammar

In our NI2 Class, we've been looking at the Second Conditional.
We saw how we use the Second Conditional to talk about hypothetical conditions in the present or future that will PROBABLY NOT happen. We wrote some poems to illustrate this grammar point. Can you identify the structure? What verb tense follows "if"? What verb tense occurs in the other part of the sentence? Where do we put the comma?
If happiness was a needle, many people would be dead.
If happiness was a flower, you would have a flowershop.
If happiness was a cloud, my son would always be in the sky.
If happiness was a common cold, I would always stay in bed.
If happiness was a tree, I would like to be Robin Hood.

If happiness were a common cold,
I wouldn’t have enough tissues.
If happiness were a star,
It wouldn’t have enough place for the moon.
If happiness were a flower,
It would have a lot of allergies.
If happiness were a cloud,
It would be raining the whole day.
If happiness were a tree,
It wouldn’t have problems with the environment.
If happiness were a needle,
It would be painful.


If love was a real faithful friend,
It would never cheat you.
If love was an umbrella, 
It would protect you from the rain.
If love was the summer season,
It would be represented by a garden with plenty of roses.
If love was for all of life,
You would never die because of it.

Armando and Yuribia.

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