Thursday, October 25, 2012

This Week's Music

Bel Bee Bee is a teenager. She is just seventeen, though she seems to be older. She is some 160 cm tall, she´s got nice brown, short, wavy hair. When you talk to her she usually smiles and her face seems to shine. She still lives at her house, with her family, where we held this interview last week. That afternoon, she was wearing blue jeans, a yellow t-shirt and different socks.
-          Hi, Bel Bee Bee, what’s your first name?
-          Belén, my full name’s Belén Álvarez Doreste.
-          But you usually sing in English; where are you from?
-          I was born in Las Palmas, I´m a Canarian girl, like my whole family. However, I prefer to sing in English, but I don´t really know why.
-          Do you sing your own tunes?
-          Yes, I´ve been composing songs since I was thirteen. I've loved music since the very moment I was born, and for me, it’s very simple to make up music.
-          Belén, what are you studying know?
-          I’m studying drums in the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. I`m also studying 2º de Bachillerato; I chose the Science option.
-          And what would you like to become in future?
-          Well, I enjoy composing music a lot, and at the moment I´ve got a management offer. I think I can be a pop singer in a few years. But as I don’t know if  the world economic situation will turn harder, I´ll also study Engineering.
-          Well, Bell Bee Bee, thanks for this interview. Hope your best thoughts come true. Good luck!!!

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