Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This Week's Report

 The most-widely spoken language in Spain is Spanish. It is the mother tongue of about 79% of the population followed by Catalan, Galician and Basque in that order.

 Basque is the only non-Romance language with an official status in Spain.

 Spanish is the official language in Spain and it is used in government, the media and education. The rest of the languages have official status in their communities as well. A lot of people in these communities think their language is the main language and Spanish is secondary.

 In addition, there are Spanish cities like Ceuta and Melilla in the north of Africa where the Muslim people speak Arabic as frequently as Spanish.

 Spanish is an old language and it comes from Latin, but it has changed over many centuries. It has different words from other languages, for example, for “football” we say “fútbol” as well as “balonpie”, the traditional Spanish word.

 Spanish is also spoken in South America (except Brazil), Central America, Mexico and the USA.

 In Spain, many people speak English but they are very pleased if visitors can use some Spanish words as well.

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