Saturday, October 6, 2012

This Week's Interview

I interviewed Marge at her home in Springfield. She was wearing a pretty green dress with red shoes and a string of pearls. We were sitting on a comfortable sofa in her living room accompanied by her little daughter who was having a siesta: Maggie.

Have you ever regretted that your life and that of your family’s shown on TV all over the world?

Yes, I have. Only sometimes. But we took this decision knowing the pros and cons of being famous. As my children grew up, they needed more and more independence and privacy. It has sometimes been difficult, but feeling people’s appreciation also makes us very happy.

When was the last time you felt upset with Homer?

Just two hours ago! We had booked a seat at the theatre for tonight. He has just phoned me to tell me that he is going to Moe’s to celebrate a friend’s birthday… He always finds a perfect excuse when we have planned to go to the theatre. Everybody knows that we argue a lot…

You seem to not get older. What is the secret of your charm?

I try to sleep 8 hours a day and not to get stressed with daily problems. I do yoga and Pilates twice a week. I like cooking food based on olive oil. I try to avoid eating a typical American diet at home : hamburgers, chips, nuggets… But I don’t always achieve it, lol.

Will you disclose your recipe for doughnuts some day?

Mmm I don’t know, really. Lisa is the only person who certainly knows this secret because she likes helping me in the kitchen. Maybe she will publish the recipe in the future. In fact, she is more intrepid than me… By the way, do you want to taste a doughnut? I cooked them this morning . . .

By Yuribia. NI2

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