Friday, January 25, 2013

Some Advice for NI2: orals

The oral exam consists of two parts. Part One is where you are invited to speak for about 3 minutes on a specific topic. Your teacher will tell you which topic you must present. Part Two is where you are invited to interact with your partner on a given theme for about 4- 5 minutes. 
As you know, the monologue is based on the worksheet, "monologue ideas", which was sent to you 8th January.
The dialogue will be based on the following. (The ideas are taken from Liz's blog; she's the teacher of NI2A.)
Agree/Disagree Statements
State if you agree or disagree with one or two of the following statements, give reasons and examples for your opinion:

More TV channels means more variety and better programmes
TV Companies shouldn't interrupt films with commercials
Violence on TV can influence negatively on childrens' behaviour

Imagine you are interviewing each other for Time magazine. The magazine wants you to ask general questions along with unusual/different/interesting questions. Take turns asking and answering questions.

Discuss together the importance of having a good sense of humour? Is being able to laugh at yourselves beneficial, if so, how? How do you feel about English jokes and sense of humour? Ask and answer each others' questions.

Discuss together the right or not that the media have to intrude in the private lives of the 'famous.' Develop your opinions, give reasons and examples.

Discuss the health system in your country? What are the differences between private and public health care? Do you have any personal experience of one or both of these systems? Develop your opinions, give reasons and examples.

Eternal Youth
Debate with a partner the idea of using cosmetic surgery to try to keep looking young? Discuss the benefits, dangers, cost, meaning, pressure to do it etc

Vision of the Future
Discuss together your 'Vision of the Future', think about shopping, technology, health, sport, travel. Debate together, reasoning, giving examples.

Debate the following topic with your partner:
'Internet Addiction is Increasing '
State the possible reasons why, the effects, the dangers and speak of any case(s) in particular that you know of.

Dangerous Activities
Talk together about what you consider to be dangerous activities. Discuss the dangers and/or benefits of doing these activities. Have you got any personal experience of doing any of these activities or would you do some of these activities in the future?

Debate the following:
Young people today are not interested in Politics
How true is the above statement? Reasons? Examples?

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