Friday, January 25, 2013

This Week's Advice for NA2

The oral test consists of two parts.

Part One: Monologue. You will be invited to speak on one of the following for about 3 minutes. (On this occasion, you can choose the monologue, but in May and in Certification, the examiner chooses.)

(a) a famous historical figure who interests you;
(b) a job you would love to do / hate to do;
(c) why it's important to learn another language.

Part Two: Interaction. For about 5 minutes, have an exchange with your partner to find out about:

(a) his / her personality type;
(b) childhood memories;
(c) how he / she uses his / her time;
(d) the importance of noise / silence in his / her life;
(e) the importance of money in society.

I will choose which topic you do for the interaction.

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