Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This Week's Homework

NB2A: Do pages 1 - 4 of the handout on Past Simple. Check your answers. Remember that you have to do the listening exercises 9 - 12 and the reading comprehension (2 texts) as well. Make sure you have completed P 18. Prepare P 19 Ex 4. Do Workbook Lesson 2B; do CD Rom Lesson 2B, too.

NA1: Do Page 1, Activity B of our grammar handout for unit 2. Please note that the written assignment for this month is SB P33 Ex d; deadline is Monday 14th November. Kindly send your composition as an attachment to make things more efficient for me. Study the vocabulary on P122, Section 2.1.  Prepare SB P 24 (everything) and P 25 Vocabulary. Make sure you have prepared Grammar Bank Section 2B P 134 - 135.

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