Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This Week's Important News

NB2A: Progress Test on Unit 3 on Wednesday 7th December. NB2C: Progress Test on Unit 3 on Friday 9th December.

This is what we need to know:

  • have to / had to
  • present simple / present continuous
  • activity and state verbs
  • jobs
  • employment
  • word building
  • argue / discuss / fight

Real World:
  • how to apologise. (e.g. "I'm sorry but I can't go to the cinema tonight.")
  • how  to give a reason for (not) doing something. (e.g. "I have to take my parents to the airport.")
  • how to make a promise. (e.g. "I'll phone you tomorrow.")
  • how to write an informal letter.
PS: Don't get stressed if you can't come to class on this day. We can come to some agreement.

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