Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Year's Readers

The School can order these books for you. See Diane a.s.a.p.

NA1: These are the readers (with Audio CD) for 2011 - 2012.  Dolphin Music is a science fiction novel set in 2051. CONTROL, the government of Europe, keeps everyone happy in a virtual reality where music made by dolphins gives exquisite pleasure. When Saul Grant, a writer, discovers the truth about the music, the illusion is shattered. He soon sets out to free the dolphins but CONTROL is aware of his actions and will stop him at any cost.

Dragons' Eggs focuses on Tendai, who comes to live in an isolated African village. Tendai is a runner, a dreamer and a storyteller. When landmines turn his world upside down, he runs, dreams and tells stories to try to deal with a terrible tragedy. It has been described as a gripping story of victory over man-made evil, and of a young man who never gives up.

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The School can order these books for you. See Diane a.s.a.p.

NB2: The New Zealand File and How I Met Myself are our stories for this year (both with Audio CD). The first book is about a British spy, Ian Munro, who was suddeny called to a secret meeting in New Zealand. He senses that he is being followed. Who's following him? And why is the coded information he is given so secret that others are prepared to kill for it? Can Munro escape and crack the code?

How I Met Myself  opens on an icy winter's evening in Budapest. John Taylor is on his way home from the office when a man runs into him and knocks him over. The man turns to say sorry and John is amazed at what he sees: the man is John's double. The double rushes away but leaves no footprints in the snow. Over the next year it becomes clear to John that the meeting was no accident and that his double has a very important message to give him.

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