Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Week's Oral Assignment for NB2

In the oral exam, you are required to give a short monologue on a specific theme. It lasts for about 2 minutes.
Choose ONE of these options:

SB Page 17 Ex 8 or SB Page 19 Ex 10.

Use the prompts to give a talk which lasts for 2 minutes. Record it on your ipod / mobile phone and send it to me by email.

Please note that I shall be listening out for:

·       Content. Did you cover all of the points?

·       Organisation and cohesion. Do you have an introduction and a conclusion?

·       Interesting and appropriate vocabulary.

·       Good pronunciation. Can you hear the /t/, /d/ or /Id/ of the past tense? Can you hear the “s” of the 3rd person singular present tense?  Can you hear good pronunciation of “th”? Can you hear any negative words?

·       Fluency. 

·       Good grammar.

·       Appropriate register. (Not too formal; not too informal.)

IMPORTANTLY, this is a SPEAKING activity and not a READING activity.

Deadline for NB2A is Monday 21st November; deadline for NB2C is Friday 25th November.

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