Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This Week's Homework

NA1: Prepare SB P 42 (everything) and Grammar Bank P 136 - 137 Section 3B. Make sure you have also prepared P40 Ex 1.  Reading Comprehension 2 for Wednesday 7th December; Composition Three For Monday 12th December; Listening Test Three for Wednesday 14th.  Work on Dolphin Music for 27th January 2012.

NB2A: Reading Comprehension 3 for Wednesday 30th; Writing Test for Wednesday 30th. Prepare SB Page 32 Ex 1 and 2. Listening Comprehension Ex 21 - 24 for Wednesday 7th December. Consolidation Test of Unit 3 on Wed 7th. Do Lessons 3B and 3C in Workbook and CD Rom.

NB2C: Listening Exercises 21 - 24 for Thursday 1st; Prepare Workbook P70 - 71 (or P 64 - 65, depending on your edition) "Staying in Touch". We will do Ex 6b as part of an exam in class. Reading Comprehension 4 for Tuesday 13th. Do Lessons 3C and 3D of Workbook and CD Rom.

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