Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This Week's Homework

NB2A: Listening Test Ex 17 - 20 for Monday 21st; Do SB P 26 Ex 1, 3, 4 and 6 and SB P29 Ex 6. Reading Comprehension Test 3 for Wednesday 30th November. Do Workbook and CD Rom Lesson 3B. Importantly, do the Reading and Writing Portfolio 1 - Staying in Touch - from Ex 1 to Ex 6a on Pages 70 - 71 OR 64 - 65, depending on the edition of the Workbook that you have. We will do Ex 6b (Write an informal letter to a good friend about your new life) as part of a writing test in class on Wednesday 30th.

NB2C: Listening Tests Nos 17 – 20. Reading Comprehension number 3. Workbook and CD Rom Lesson 3A, 3B and 3C. If you did not come to class on Thursday or Friday, make sure you complete all that you can of Lessons 3B and 3C in you Students' book. For Tuesday 29th, prepare SB P 32 Ex 1 and 2.

NA1: Make sure you have completed P 36 - 37, including Vocabulary Bank. Page 38, including Grammar Bank 3A, should be done as well. Do P49 "Expressing your opinion." Ex c - the actual writing activity - is for Monday 12th December. Note carefully the title of your work. Do Page 1 (everything) of the Handout for Unit 3. Do Listening Test 2 for Monday 28th. Prepare SB Page 40 (reading) and Vocabulary Bank P 150 (weather.)

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